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"Kind and supportive as well as being superbly professional - you have made a huge, and to this day, lasting positive effect on my children and myself."

Alexandra has been featured by BBC Ideas, The Times and The Evening Standard.

What people have to say:

That just leaves me to thank you for your sage advice, guidance through the divorce minefield, and your recommendations on the appropriate process and division of assets.

Sincerely, you are a beacon of light in a murky process where I could easily have been lost amongst the legalese and possibly manipulated by Mrs X's solicitor. I cannot thank you enough.

Please feel free to use my words as a testimonial as you wish. I am more than happy to share my experience, not only by way of thanks to you but also allowing others in my situation to benefit from your expertise. Your counsel has saved me from a world of protracted pain and financial hardship, and I am sure there are other people in a similar situation to me who would benefit from this service.

There is no doubt I would not have gained such an acceptable agreement if it hadn't been for your management of my case.  Your advice was always compassionate, robust and extremely logical.  You have my deepest gratitude for where I am now.

You have in this short time acted like a good sherpa, listening and guiding and steering us away from many pitfalls and precipices. Throughout it all I have felt your utter commitment to a positive outcome, as if you would countenance no other, and consequently you have a achieved a good result.  I believe both X and I are better off for the experience of seeing you. Thank you Alexandra for your immeasurable help.  What you do is so important and I wish you all the success in the world to carry on with passion and conviction helping others in their dark moments. 

"Alex, you have been absolutely fantastic ... you provided essential guidance help me see the wood through the trees and  been genuinely concerned to keep my costs down and always been conscious of this."

"Many thanks for your hard work and skillful guidance."

"firm and practical when my own thought processes were over-ruled by emotions for which I am eternally grateful."

"swift and cost effective"

"well-prepared, professional and rigorous."

"Alexandra’s professional approach and conduct in mediation facilitated a successful outcome to a very difficult situation.  Her calm and sensitive manner made all the difference to a stressful process and I will always be thankful for that.  She made me feel so well supported and protected from a threatening and intimidating man whose occupation is one of negotiating a hard bargain."

"The route through a divorce is more complex than I ever imagined.  The process oscillates between full speed and dead stop, so it’s important to have a supportive and interested solicitor that can respond appropriately to these unpredictable stops and starts.  Alexandra Lewis has never failed to be fast and to the point and always recommends balanced options rather than just offering a legal perspective."

"Alexandra provided me with exactly what I needed at a difficult time personally.  She has an incisive mind and gives sound unemotional advice at a time that is inevitably emotionally charged.  I also felt listened to but never patronized and she was able to lay out options in a clear concise way, leaving me to make decisions confidently.  All of this was conducted in a thoroughly professional way, but there was always room for some humour at the right moment!"

"Alex is a unique lawyer and I have no hesitation in recommending her!  Not only did she deliver the results I so desperately needed for myself and my children, she was also a tremendous support during the legal process.  Alex presented a patient, calm and supportive demeanour throughout our engagement. She continually provided an unwavering focus on the big picture, never getting diverted by my ex-husband’s lawyer’s potentially costly distraction and prolongation tactics.  I instructed her to represent me in court and during litigation she was pugnacious, firm and focused to the extent necessary to help me get what I needed.  Alex made my whole life changing experience so much more bearable and I had complete confidence in her abilities to see it through successfully right to the end.  I can never thank you enough Alex!"

"Alexandra was professional and family sensitive, giving strong legal advice backed up by solid research during my house equity dispute with my former partner.  The case had potential to be very costly, however she worked with me to keep the cost down and suggested options with impartiality such as seeking other representation outside of her practice.  In the end we worked slowly reaching a much fairer settlement that I initially thought possible.  I would happily recommend her without any reservation."

"I want to commend you on the excellent legal services you provided in managing my recent international divorce.  You have all the attributes I had hoped for: a steady, guiding hand under what were very stressful circumstances… backed up by both depth and breadth of knowledge, seasoned experience, professionalism, empathy and responsiveness.  Your help was instrumental in allowing me to consider pros and cons and was essential to reaching a cost-effective solution appropriate to my circumstances.  Your guidance was key to helping me to help myself to find the best route to resolution."

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