Discourage litigation, persuade neighbours to compromise whenever you can, Point out how the nominal winner is often the real loser in fees, expenses and waste of time. As a peacemaker the lawyer has a superior opportunity of becoming a good person.
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"well-prepared, professional and rigorous."

If you are on a low income or in financial difficulties please contact your local Citizens Advice Bureau.

For professional services, I charge £200 + VAT per couple per hour ( £100 + VAT each) for mediation in Oxford and £250 + VAT per hour ( £125 + VAT each) in London.

If separate (shuttle) mediation is required the hourly rate applies.

I do not charge for initial enquiries or arranging meetings but do charge for drafting mediation summaries and final documents once resolution is reached.

Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAMS)

I charge £200 + VAT for a one hour MIAMS appointment.  If you wish to extend the appointment I will charge additional time applying that hourly rate.  I will also charge for additional time spent in preparation for the joint mediation session and for any email correspondence arising directly from our appointment by way of follow up support.  Once the MIAMS has been undertaken and if you wish to proceed to mediation the applicable mediation rate will apply for all future work. 

This is not only for an objective and neutral evaluation of all resolution options - not just mediation - but includes my expertise in personal/divorce and conflict coaching as well as the sign-posting of other legal and personal resources. All of this helps clients to find the right path, to feel more in control and will save them both time and money.

Solicitor Services

My hourly rate as a solicitor is £200.00 + VAT per hour outside London and £250.00 + VAT in London. This is considerably less than the rate typically charged by my contemporaries in London and Oxford. In my experience, the most important determinant of price is not the hourly rate but the approach taken by the solicitor, the effectiveness of their communication and the speed with which settlement is reached. I regularly receive feedback from clients that they are pleased with my cost effective approach to their cases as shown on my testimonials page.

If you need help with:

  • family mediation
  • divorce
  • separation agreements
  • child support
  • maintenance agreements
  • parenting plans
  • children disputes
  • commmunication
  • conflict resolution
  • legal advice
  • solicitor services
  • collaborative law

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