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Alexandra Lewis Family Law

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"a really clever lawyer who is quick off the mark and has a gentle but insistent style"

Alexandra is a fantastic person to have alongside in family court proceedings. Not only does she seem to be completely on the ball from a legal point of view, but she brings a very human and humane perspective to her work. As a qualified psychologist myself, I would say she has excellent insight into people and their relationships which really eases the very painful processes involved in family breakdown. Alexandra has also been incredibly supportive, warm and wise, always going the extra mile, and never making me feel like just a cog in an impersonal system. Finally she is also able to be realistic, frank and direct when needed, again in a most helpful and sensitive way.


Family lawyer in London and Oxford since 1995 now principal of Alexandra Lewis Family Law Limited authorised by the Bar Standards Board (No. 132853) and trading as Alexandra Lewis Family Law.


I am an accredited specialist in finances and private children law having practised family law since 1995. I am recommended in the legal professional directories as being an expert in my field. Prior to becoming a Consultant with specialist family law firm Moss Fallon Solicitors Limited I was a partner in the top ranked family law team at Manches LLP for ten years. I am delighted to have set up my own legal practice 'Alexandra Lewis Family Law' on 1st May 2017. This allows me to offer a bespoke expert service even more cost effectively.

I have seen clients from all around the world and from a wide range of backgrounds and resources - each family is unique; over the years I have learnt that family law is a matter of "horses for courses". Adopting the best approach for your needs and circumstances is essential if you are going to achieve the best outcome with the minimum of stress. I strive always to understand the background and dynamics of your case in our initial meeting to help you determine the best way forwards to meet your needs and goals. I provide advice and assistance in a variety of ways.



Clients may simply want to know their legal options and to receive advice as to what might be in their best interests when their relationship is in difficulty . Some clients prefer to negotiate themselves or may be in mediation with another provider and wish to use me as a sounding board or advisor and support throughout the process.


Not all cases are suitable for mediation and sometimes supported expert negotiation works best. I aim to always provide first rate, pragmatic and friendly support in a cost effective manner. I am happy to liaise with other solicitors and to meet them for round table discussions in addition to negotiating via correspondence and telephone. I help clients to formulate proposals early on in the process and avoid wasting money on matters that are not going to take them forwards.

Court proceedings

Where court proceedings are necessary, I conduct the advocacy myself or work with expert family barristers as required. I always treat a day in court as an opportunity to settle the case if at all possible and, if not, to move matters forward and narrow the issues. Court is essentially a further opportunity to negotiate a fair settlement and that always remains my main focus. A court time-table can prevent drift and ensure compliance with financial disclosure or provide emergency remedies. The Financial Dispute Resolution Appointment is a confidential hearing where a District Judge will give an impartial view of the case and the vast majority of cases settle at this hearing or shortly after. Only a very small minority of cases go to final hearing - contrary to the impression sometimes given in the media. Where parties are anxious to avoid court proceedings they might consider collaborative law.

Collaborative Law

Collaborative law is a non-adversarial, solution orientated process to assist parties reach agreement following relationship breakdown. In this role I provide legal advice and act as advocate throughout the process expressing my client's needs and views and so taking this pressure off the party concerned. The process is conducted as a series of "four way meetings" and once all the issues are resolved the agreement is drafted up as a court order in the usual way. The advantages of this approach is that the couple retain control over this confidential process and the lawyers and parties commit to a cooperative rather than adversarial way forward to the benefit of all concerned. Full and frank financial disclosure is made in the usual way. If the process does not work the couple are free to take matters to court with new lawyers. This means that the couple and their advisors are more likely to try to work through issues and find an acceptable solution, rather then abandon the process.

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