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Resolution Solicitor

If you are looking for a solicitor with all the credentials, references and experience who will give you a personal service without the price-tag look no further. It is important for both of us that we are the right choice for each other and I encourage you to call me for a quick introductory chat: 07960 635511

I help couples to mediate a wide range of disputes

These include; financial arrangements following separation or divorce, future arrangements for children, cohabitation agreements, prenuptial agreements and disputes concerning property. I am able to consult with older children where appropriate and agreed by the parties.

My goal is to help you achieve resolution as quickly, economically and as fairly as possible. I help parties achieve better understanding and communication and work with them to build new lives.

Where mediation is not appropriate or wanted, I will discuss suitable alternatives and paths to meet your needs. I am flexible and client-centered in my approach and help to explore and identify options and possibilities to move couples forward positively.

I have an extensive range of contacts so as to best ensure that you are getting the support and help you need.

Why use a Resolution Solicitor?

I have a non-confrontational approach, focusing on the needs of family members. I assist you in negotiating challenges, managing differing perspectives, and reaching agreement.

I offer legal advice where appropriate, and I'm informed about the most recent laws. I'll also break down legal jargon and make sure you understand the situation. Legal representation and court-approved agreements prevent future claims against you.

I help you ensure that your application to court is properly filed, meeting their deadlines and avoiding unnecessary complications.

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