I don't offer free sessions or fixed costs. My whole approach is geared around excellent service, value for money, professional integrity and helping clients gain the confidence and skills to help themselves. If that's what you are looking for I would love to hear from you.

My hourly rate as a solicitor is £290 + VAT  per hour fully inclusive. This is considerably less than the rate typically charged by my contemporaries in London and Oxford. In my experience, the most important determinant of price is not the hourly rate but the approach taken by the solicitor, the effectiveness of their communication and the speed with which settlement is reached. I regularly receive feedback from clients that they are pleased with my cost-effective approach to their cases as shown on my testimonials page.

I provide advice on settlement from the outset and remain focused on this throughout. My cases often settle extremely quickly as a result of this. If cases are more complicated, and resolution is more difficult to achieve,  I help clients to focus on the most appropriate resolution model for their case.  As a result of this, it is extremely rare for my clients to need to issue court proceedings and enter into protracted, expensive and stressful litigation. Where court proceedings are required I remain focused on resolution at the earliest possible opportunity.

Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAMS)

I charge £290 + VAT for a one-hour MIAMS appointment. If you wish to extend the appointment I will charge additional time applying that hourly rate.  If you wish to proceed to mediation, following the MIAMS, I  will also charge for additional time spent in preparation for the joint mediation session and for any email correspondence arising directly from our appointment by way of follow-up support.  

A MIAMS appointment will give you an objective and neutral evaluation of all resolution options – such as arbitration or med/arb – and will provide support and ideas for early conflict resolution. I will also sign-post other legal and personal resources where appropriate. My aim is to assist clients to find the right path, to feel more empowered, and to save them both time and money.

Mediation Costs

I charge an hourly rate of £290 plus VAT. This rate applies whether the sessions are held jointly or separately.  I work with clients to help them help themselves as much as possible and often resolution is reached in 3 to 6 sessions depending upon complexity and dynamics.  Each case is unique but my approach is always to focus on early resolution, excellent support and creative problem-solving.  I will discuss case costs with you from the outset.  Your case will go at your speed and avoid the cost and stress of court proceedings which may take two years to go through the court system (and easily cost £10,000 to £50,000 plus) whilst damaging your long-term relationship and impacting on your energy levels in the meantime.

Government assistance worth £500.00 in total is currently available for joint sessions only.

Low Income

Please note that I do not offer legally aided mediation and if you are on a low income or in financial difficulties, you can check your eligibility using this link:

“It is not what lawyers tell me that I may do; but what humanity, reason and justice tell me I might do”

Edmund Burke

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