Resolution Options

Resolution Options


Most of my clients are referred to me by previous clients and other legal professionals who know that I am focused on early resolution and empowering personal service.  I will have sole conduct of your case from beginning to end and will bring all my experience and expertise to bear.   I endeavour to make your experience as pleasant as possible and provide you with the foundation for the next chapter in your life.

Clients may simply want to know where they stand and obtain advice as to their possible options when their relationship is in difficulty . Some clients prefer to negotiate themselves or may be in mediation with another provider and wish to use me as a sounding board or advisor and support only when needed.

Prior to the meeting I will ask you for some background information.  Each case turns on its facts and I need to understand yours so that I can provide you with relevant advice.   If you would like a quick "chemistry call" I look forward to hearing from you.

Resolution Together - One Solicitor: Two Clients

Family Law is changing and it is now possible in appropriate cases for clients to seek a solicitor together.  This is only appropriate where there is great deal of trust and mutual respect between the parties.


If you are worried that mediation may not work in your case then Med-Arb is a good option to consider.  We will prepare, exchange and review financial disclosure, discuss settlement options and work hard to resolve matters amicably in mediation. If some or all of the issues remain unresolved then we will appoint a mutually acceptable arbitrator to decide upon the issue for you.  Arbitration can be used for both financial remedy and child arrangements.


Not all cases are suitable for mediation and sometimes supported expert negotiation works best. I aim to always provide first rate, pragmatic and friendly support in a cost effective manner. I am happy to liaise with other solicitors and to meet them for round table discussions in addition to negotiating via correspondence and telephone. I help clients to formulate proposals early on in the process and avoid wasting money on matters that are not going to take them forwards.

Court proceedings

Where court proceedings are necessary, I conduct the advocacy myself or work with expert family barristers as required. I always treat a day in court as an opportunity to settle the case if at all possible and, if not, to move matters forward and narrow the issues. Court is essentially a further opportunity to negotiate a fair settlement and that always remains my main focus. A court time-table can prevent drift and ensure compliance with financial disclosure or provide emergency remedies. The Financial Dispute Resolution Appointment is a confidential hearing where a District Judge will give an impartial view of the case and the vast majority of cases settle at this hearing or shortly after. Only a very small minority of cases go to final hearing - contrary to the impression sometimes given in the media. Where parties are anxious to avoid court proceedings they might consider collaborative law. Given court delays, a popular alternative to waiting for a hearing is for parties to arrange their own Private Financial Dispute Resolution hearing.

Collaborative Law

Collaborative law is a non-adversarial, solution orientated process to assist parties reach agreement following relationship breakdown. In this role I provide legal advice and act as advocate throughout the process expressing my client's needs and views and so taking this pressure off the party concerned. The process is conducted as a series of "four way meetings" and once all the issues are resolved the agreement is drafted up as a court order in the usual way. The advantages of this approach is that the couple retain control over this confidential process and the lawyers and parties commit to a cooperative rather than adversarial way forward to the benefit of all concerned. Full and frank financial disclosure is made in the usual way. If the process does not work the couple are free to take matters to court with new lawyers. This means that the couple and their advisors are more likely to try to work through issues and find an acceptable solution, rather than abandon the process.  I belong to Collaborative Pods in both London and the Thames Valley and enjoy good working relationships with fellow solicitors who work in a similar way.


Separation can be an emotional experience. You may find it difficult to discuss financial and your childcare issues in such a fraught atmosphere. Which means that frustration and uncertainty can build so things that may be trivial become highly significant. The consequence is that you find yourself at loggerheads with your spouse so you take up extreme positions to the distress of all concerned, especially your children...... However, with mediation, in a safe and confidential space, you and your spouse are encouraged to discuss the practical issues so you get the best outcome for all concerned.  To explore whether your case might be suitable for mediation please fix a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM) or we can discuss this option with my acting as your solicitor.
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